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Overall the trekking is fine and exciting how ever some of the guest houses doesn’t have hot shower. The trekking guides and porters are very helpful and great to be with, Phy, Malaysia. Trip: Annapurna trekking – Nov / Dec 2009 Continue

Overall OK. Trekking time was the best time. The trekking guide and his team gave the good service. Yap Hooi Hong, Malaysia Trip: Annapurna trekking – Nov / Dec 2009 Continue

I enjoy a very happy trekking trip. The Sherpa and porter has taken care of us very well. Thank you very much Ho Lee Chin, Malaysia Trip: Annapurna trekking – Nov / Dec 2009 Continue

I enjoyed the trekking, the sightseeing in Nepal, your guide was really helpful he made our journey really great, thank you Hing Soon Miau, Malaysia Trip: Annapurna trekking – Dec 2009 Continue

Enjoyed the mountain hike, shopping and sightseeing, with a bit phobia with the van ride to Nagarkot, due to a lot of turnings. Ho Lee Kean, Malaysia Trip: trekking & sightseeing in Nepal – 2009 Continue

This was the first time I go for trekking trip which is a totally new experience to me. I enjoyed the trekking very much, the magnificent view of Annapurna range made me forget about the tiredness. The porter are good, the trekking guide and assistance guide are very good and helpful. In addition, t Continue

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Yee Peng, Malaysia  
Hi Rupesh,

Thanks so much for the arrangement. Appreciate it.

See you again in Kathmandu,
yee peng, Malaysia
Trip: Annapurna trekking – Dec 2009
Ms Meg , Malaysia  
Dear Rupesh,

Here is my comment on the trip as I had promised...

Thank you for receiving us at the airport on Nov 20th and welcoming us with the Mala garlands and very quickly after we boarded the van, you have started to keep us informed briefly about Nepal in general and then also arranged for us to meet our trekking guide, Mr Jangbu Sherpa. Just as you had mentioned, Mr Jangbu was a very experienced, helpful guide who really took good care of all of us throughout the trekking. He made sure each and everyone's needs are being attended to and made our trekking so much more enjoyable than expected. “Bistarai jaau”.
As most of us are trekking for the first time in Nepal and under much colder climate, we really appreciate Jangbu and the porters for making our journey a truly great experience which we will remember for a long time. We are really getting to enjoy the trekking from Day 5 onwards as we start to get used to the environment and climate but then our trekking days are coming to an end. Some of us will even consider doing another trekking trip with you in Nepal.

The trip to Nagarkot was disappointing since there was no sunset, no sunrise and absolutely no snow mountain views at all due to weather. In my opinion Nagarkot was a wasted time and was made worse by the unexpected traffic stand-still on the way back when there was a petrol strike which disrupted the whole day's itinerary. We lost time on doing some important shopping and made our last day more stressful as we tried to cover everything in the last day. Also some members did not have enough time to do the Mt Everest flight due to the traffic Jam, which was a pity.

The teahouses in Annapurna region provided better hot shower than Hotel Manang, especially in Ghandruk and Dhampus. The toilets throughout the trekking teahouses we stayed in was acceptably clean and the food was good, especially in Ghandruk's Hotel Milan. I learned to appreciate your Dal Baht which is something I shall miss in Malaysia.

I shall miss trekking in Nepal, and your beautiful snow mountain views during the treks, with the clear and cloudless blue sky and the fun-loving and joyous company of Jangbuji and his porters and the time we sang Resam Firiri together and learned some useful Nepali phrases.

I wish all of you well and Deri Dhanyabaad.
in addition, we would also like to extend our gratitude to you for shortening the traffic jam on our way back to kathmandu. without your help, i believe we would be staying overnight in the van. that was a real relief. you made our day.

your great help is much appreciated. thanks very much... Deri Dhanybhad

Meg, Malaysia
Trip: Annapurna trekking – Nov 2009
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