Clients' Saying

Overall the trekking is fine and exciting how ever some of the guest houses doesn’t have hot shower. The trekking guides and porters are very helpful and great to be with, Phy, Malaysia. Trip: Annapurna trekking – Nov / Dec 2009 Continue

Overall OK. Trekking time was the best time. The trekking guide and his team gave the good service. Yap Hooi Hong, Malaysia Trip: Annapurna trekking – Nov / Dec 2009 Continue

I enjoy a very happy trekking trip. The Sherpa and porter has taken care of us very well. Thank you very much Ho Lee Chin, Malaysia Trip: Annapurna trekking – Nov / Dec 2009 Continue

I enjoyed the trekking, the sightseeing in Nepal, your guide was really helpful he made our journey really great, thank you Hing Soon Miau, Malaysia Trip: Annapurna trekking – Dec 2009 Continue

Enjoyed the mountain hike, shopping and sightseeing, with a bit phobia with the van ride to Nagarkot, due to a lot of turnings. Ho Lee Kean, Malaysia Trip: trekking & sightseeing in Nepal – 2009 Continue

This was the first time I go for trekking trip which is a totally new experience to me. I enjoyed the trekking very much, the magnificent view of Annapurna range made me forget about the tiredness. The porter are good, the trekking guide and assistance guide are very good and helpful. In addition, t Continue

Money Matters

It is essential that when one gets abroad for travel, they should have to have money. for Nepal, there are many options that you can carry money for spending to have memorial holiday. Once the travelers Checks were the most reliable ways to carry money overseas, today ATM cards, Credit cards withdrawals have been the most easier source for money while traveling. Here are some of details how you can use your own money for Nepal travel.

Credit Cards:
Credit Cards are best for Large Purchases such as airlines tickets, hotel bills, Car Rentals in Nepal. Most of the hotels, Restaurant, Shops, Travel agents, rental service offices in Nepal accept credit cards throughout the country. If some shops don't accept credit cards from you, then you have ATM machines at any time near by the major cities, shopping places like that. Some of the credit card issuers may charge the travelers some extra amount for paying through credit card, but that around 1, 2, 3 percentage to the total amount you need to pay. But sometimes, some of the hotels, restaurants or other service providers which you deal with don't accept credit cards. Generally in the rural areas of Nepal, there are frequent chances that the service providers don' t accept cards. In such cases you need to have little money with you any time in cash. In Nepal, it is better to take Nepali currency to avoid difficulties of some agencies not accepting international currencies, some people not knowing the exchange rates like that. Further, importance is given to those actions which ask about the total charges for paying with credit cards etc. In some cases, the credit cards may not work. In this case it is better if someone keeps two different cards and separates money in both of them before leaving the country for better ness.

International Currencies :
People in tourist famous places in Nepal know most of the international currency and they know most of the exchange rates. Not at all every place accept all currencies, but American Dollars and Euro are acceptable all over the country leaving some service providers who accept only the Nepali currency. The national Bank of Nepal allows the international traders or international service providers to use US dollars while there may be some agencies who are not allowed to use international currency by the national bank. On top of all, it is better to leave the country after getting proper information of current situation in Nepal about the foreign currency or using the credit cards with the service providers whom you book your trip with. Due to safety reason or to avoid many complications in travel, it is recommended to book the trip before going to Nepal with the reputed, known company.

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