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Overall the trekking is fine and exciting how ever some of the guest houses doesn’t have hot shower. The trekking guides and porters are very helpful and great to be with, Phy, Malaysia. Trip: Annapurna trekking – Nov / Dec 2009 Continue

Overall OK. Trekking time was the best time. The trekking guide and his team gave the good service. Yap Hooi Hong, Malaysia Trip: Annapurna trekking – Nov / Dec 2009 Continue

I enjoy a very happy trekking trip. The Sherpa and porter has taken care of us very well. Thank you very much Ho Lee Chin, Malaysia Trip: Annapurna trekking – Nov / Dec 2009 Continue

I enjoyed the trekking, the sightseeing in Nepal, your guide was really helpful he made our journey really great, thank you Hing Soon Miau, Malaysia Trip: Annapurna trekking – Dec 2009 Continue

Enjoyed the mountain hike, shopping and sightseeing, with a bit phobia with the van ride to Nagarkot, due to a lot of turnings. Ho Lee Kean, Malaysia Trip: trekking & sightseeing in Nepal – 2009 Continue

This was the first time I go for trekking trip which is a totally new experience to me. I enjoyed the trekking very much, the magnificent view of Annapurna range made me forget about the tiredness. The porter are good, the trekking guide and assistance guide are very good and helpful. In addition, t Continue

Chitwan Jungle Safari

Chitwan national park is Nepal’s biggest national park with wide conservation of wildlives and plants. Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park offers you the views and encounters with most of the wild lives including the One Horned Rhinoceros, Deers, Bears, monkeys and even Royal Bengal Tiger. 

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Activities in Chitwan National Park jungle Safari tour:

Elephant safari:
Chitwan Jungle Safari is most famous because of Elephant Ride, the Elephant Safari people can have there. Elephant Safari in Chitwan National Park takes you to the inner shores of the forest availing you the views of Rhinoceros, Deers, monkeys and many other wildlives. In very good weather, there are probabilities of having Tiger too, which is one of rares cases. But, climbing an 8 feet Elephant and touching the top of tall Grasses, you will be wondering, the advent of lifetime in this jungle safari tour.
Canoe ride:
Crossing the Chitwan National park sitting inside a wood boat, and seeing a range of aquatic animals including the Crocodile, snakes, fishes to many birds, migrating and native will be a wonderful experience in Chitwan National park tour. You will go to the inner parts of the forest to see the most of The National Park. Please be aware not to make loud noise to disturb the animals, birds and so forth.
Bird watching:
Chitwan National Park is one of biggest hubs of migrating birds. You are following an specialist of birds, a naturalist to see how and where the birds come from, how they live in the national park, how romantic they can make your national park visit. A range of colorful birds can make the best of your day.
Jungle walk:
High grasses and probability of wildlive residing inside, the detailed information of naturalist and walk inside dense forest. This is you are going to have in the best of Chitwan National Park's jungle walk tour. Jungle walk tours are generally taken in small groups, by the naturalists. You will be able to study, see and explore a range of wild plants, wild lives -sometimes Rhinos, sometimes Tigers.
Jeep drive:
Another adventure, searching for wildlives, wild plants, wild species. The Jeep drive in Chitwan Jungle Safari tour will be another beautiful moments you will have in this national Park. Leaded by experts, ridden by experts, you will be able to see the footprints of tigers, leopards, elephants from the very luxury of your jeep seat.
Elephant bathing:
Tired of visiting inside the dense forest inside the national Park? dont worry, we have another refreshing adventure for you in your Chitwan Jungle Safari tour. Elephant Bathing tour is an entertainment, this is just helping the elephant to bath, while making fun of it to entertain yourself. Water from elephant trunk on you will be awesome. You will be refreshed before going to relax with the sun of Chitwan National park.
Elephant Breeding Centre:
Consider having a cute small baby of Elephant passing by you, wanting to play with you, with their beutiful eyes, innocent face with a small cute trunk. In the Elephant Breeding Center of Chitwan National Park, you will be able to see the baby elephants, one of the most cute memories you will have from Chitwan National Park visit. You will be able to see their daily activities, how the mating process go, and many others.
Gharial Crocodile Breeding Centre:
Chitwan Jungle Safari is a combination of wildlives tour, aquatic live tours. We can find two special kinds of Crocodiles in Chitwan National Park; Gharial crocodile and Marsh Mugger. Marsh mugger is more often seen by the side of Rivers. You will be able to visit the breeding center, one of the crocodile care centers near Sauraha in Chitwan national Park.
Tharu Cultural dance:
Cultural dance is another attaraction of Chitwan Jungle safari tour. Tharu community of one of oldest comminuty residing in Chitwan National park périphérie. The culture of Tharu people is one of classic, and tharu community is considered to be one of the caretakers of tropical region of Nepal. You will be able to see one of vibrant, classic, incredible dance of Tharu people here in Chitwan. 
Glimpse of itinerar for taking the Chitwan Jungle Safari tour: 
Day 01: Arrival to Kathmandu. Transfer to the hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu. Visit Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Swayambhunath, Kathmandu Durbar Square etc.

Day 03: Drive to Chitwan. Stay overnight in Chitwan.

Day 04: Whole day jungle Safari with jungle activities in Chitwan. Overnight.

Day 05: Jungle Safari in Chitwan. Free evening.

Day 06: Free time in the morning, drive back to Kathmandu.

Day 07: Free time in the morning, departure in the afternoon.

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